~~The Marmolejo family has been farming for several generations and today we use the same technics passed down by our forefathers along with keeping a current eye on new and exciting technologies. Our goal is to provide the same top quality, fresh and good tasting vegetables and herbs we have for generations. Our customers can always count on consistency in our products; their loyalty has provided us the opportunity to continue to expand our product line.

King Produce has always been a family run business. Bi-weekly the Marmolejo family provide a company lunch where we can share innovative ideas with our employees to bring the freshest product to our customers. Our staff brings many years of experience to the table and we are proud to say our employees have been with us many years.

Safety is a main concern with King Produce for our people and our customers we make a daily commitment to the health and safety of both. Honesty as my grandfather said is always the best policy so you can count on King Produce and their employees to give you hard work, product consistency and the best quality possible.

Please contact us today to become part of our family ! We look forward to serving your needs and maybe a meal or two. Thank you for taking the time to look at our site as our family and employee families count on new customers each day to grow our best for next generation.

For top produce with fresh quality taste, look for our labels. Thank you and may God Bless You

                                                         King Produce

it all starts with the roots