(Good Agriculture Practice's)

~~King Produce has implemented a complete food safety program. King Produce has worked with various food safety companies for over ten years and is always seeking to build knowledge on being a top performer in providing a safe healthy product. We are also constantly conducting audits in our packing facility and in all of our production fields. We participate in the Good Agricultural Practice program consisting of field, harvest crew, packing and cooler audits. In the field, lengthy examinations of soil and water sources, fertilizers, chemical programs, and other risks from surrounding activities are conducted. King Produce has implemented a comprehensive system of preventative measures and analytical reviews designed to assure that the produce we sell not only meets all regulatory guidelines and mandates, but also our safety standards.

     We care about the families that have King Produce products on their plate. We will continue to raise our food safety measures.

• Cooler facility and harvest crew audits are conducted each day, week, month, with audits and inspections internally and externally.

• Only state regulated and approved fertilizers are used in all farming applications

• Ranch and crew audits conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) at will

• Hygiene and sanitation programs are enforced and documented with each crew and area of operation